This is the best acting class I have ever seen in New Mexico.

~Kathy Brink, CSA, Casting Director,
Kathy Brink Casting

Thanks for helping me land this role on Longmire. And future roles. From the moment that the Holy Spirit directed me to your page on the Internet, I knew that my life on this planet was going to change for the better. Thank you once again.

~Joseph Daniel Havenstar, actor

I learned more in 3 classes with Lora than all of my other training combined.

~Nathan Brimmer, actor
A&M Talent House

I just booked a Longmire episode. I want to thank you so much for what you've taught me so far. You have helped me incredibly to understand the on-camera audition process .

~Lynn Goodwin, actress
The O’Agency

Thought I would share this with my AWESOME acting teacher:

The 48 Hour Film Project 2014 Winner
Kathy Randall

~Kathy Randall, actress
Mitchell & Presley Talent Group

Lora, I wanted to thank you for all of the knowledge you gave me in class, cause these days its paying back 10 fold. Since booking my first part with Jo Edna, I’ve been getting more and more serious auditions everywhere, and I owe my confidence and success to you. Your class was a turning point in my career, and a strong step toward my goals of professionalism. I appreciate every moment you took to be real with me and to call me out on my b.s. (cause we all have some, right?)

~Matthew Puett, actor
Mitchell & Presley Talent Group

You always made me want to tell the truth. It's what I hold on to and everything I strive for.

~Kristen Rakes, actress
Mitchell & Presley Talent Group

Lora gave me my voice. She nurtured my skill set and honed it until it became my own authentic and compelling performance. Every audition I had I'd hire her to coach me. After the SECOND session, JoEdna, a prominent casting agent, told me to wait after the audition. She'd had me wait to tell me "Tait...your acting has REALLY gotten good. You're not just a stuntman anymore. You're a fine actor." I about fell over.

Anytime I'm able to work with Lora, I do. Now I've worked with a few coaches in LA as well, but none that I've gotten the improvements, confidence and tools that Lora has given me. I'm forever grateful to her and each time I get a job I always thank her in my head, and sometimes have to call her to express my gratitude.

She gives.

She gives of herself and of her experience and through that I've discovered MY voice. My freedom. She does what we all are supposed to do; help each other reach our true selves...reach our dreams.

~Tait Fletcher, actor and stuntman
Mitchell & Presley Talent Group

"I have felt infinitely more prepared for film and television auditions as a result of Lora's classes. I plan to continue studying with her as long as she is teaching, and I recommend her without reservation to anyone who is really serious about the business and craft of acting for the camera."

~Morse Bicknell, actor
The O’ Agency

Hi Lora, I wanted to share with you some wonderful news! I recently received a call from my agent telling me that one of the local casting directors who I had read for within the previous week had called her to say that my performances have improved dramatically within the past several months, and that she now considers me "among the top tier of actors in New Mexico." I think that as a working actress, you bring great perspective to your teaching, and that you are truly gifted as a teacher who has a great eye for seeing what your students need, and are able to communicate that in a very positive and encouraging setting. Thank you so very much for giving back to this community, and for helping me achieve my goals as an actor and a professional in this very difficult business. Play safe, Keith.

~Keith Meriweather, actor and stuntman
The O’ Agency

I highly recommend Lora's acting class. I've seen first hand the growth that comes from her students throughout her course. From beginners to experienced actors, Lora knows how to bring out the best and make it real.

~Jody Black, agent/owner
A & M Talent House

Your class has truly changed my life. Thank you for everything.

~Levi Dylan Martinez, actor
The O’ Agency

I wanted to let you know how incredibly grateful I am to you. I've booked 3 out of 4 auditions I've been on, all from what you taught me. On the last project I worked on, the director and entire crew wanted to know what school I went to for film acting. I was honored to say it was all from Lora Cunningham!

~Lauren Keim, actress
The O’ Agency

Lora Cunningham is one of the top actors in New Mexico. I love casting her because I know she will always deliver on set. She is also a great coach. I highly recommend her classes.

~Jo Edna Boldin, CSA, Casting Director/Owner
505 Studio Works

Lora, Your class was wonderful and has helped me tremendously.  I have sharpened my skills and built my confidence a lot as a result of studying with you.  Previously, I had been auditioning a lot and getting call backs, but hadn't booked the role since 2008.  As you know, the last couple of weeks in class I booked a role on FRIGHT NIGHT, and recently I have booked a role on BLESS ME ULTIMA.  I would definitely recommend your class to others and, in fact, have done so.  You are wonderful, and I thank you for being a great teacher.

~Rick A. Ortega Jr., actor
The O’ Agency

Lora really communicates with actors what it takes to be believable. She's honest, encouraging and a true professional.

~Marie Kohl, casting associate
505 Studio Works

I was skeptical as to what else I could really learn after taking 4 years of acting classes at UNM. However, through taking your course I found exactly what was missing in all of my education.

~Monique Candelaria, actress
Mitchell & Presley Talent Group

Learning from you was a transforming experience, both professionally and personally. Thank you for giving so much of your energy, talent, honesty, resource, knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for the lifelong tools you have given me and thank you for the opportunity TO BE.

~Irene Estrada, actress and
host of Good Day New Mexico
The O’ Agency

I got a part in In Plain Sight! A speaking role! We shoot tomorrow. I wanted to tell you because I appreciate your time and support, and I know those contributed big time to me getting this role. Thanks a lot!

~Freedom Hopkins, actor
The O’ Agency


Words that come to mind when thinking of you- Wholesome, Radiant, Beauty, Seeker of Light, Inner Guidance.

~Julie Zebari, actress

It is amazing to me how much i learn with every class and how inspired i feel when i leave every week. It is important that you be reminded of what an inspiration you are and how much you bring to class and to the entire film industry. Your presence exudes such a positive and inspirational energy that is wonderful to be around.

~Elyse Ferguson, actress

I booked my first role! Thanks, teach. You are awesome!

~Adam Chess, actor

Lora's acting class is a wonderful opportunity for growth that will challenge actors at every level.  I have seen actors change completely into talented, believable performers during the course of Lora's class.

~Hannah MacPherson, director

In addition to giving me specifics on how to fine tune my acting every week, your class has made me much more confident in my abilities as an actor. You are so supportive, encouraging and inspiring!

~Kim Kiegel, Actor

Lora is a kind, supportive and dedicated teacher, as well as a marvelous person and actress. She's one of a kind and her classes are priceless!

~Freedom Hopkins