Why I take headshots

So here’s the deal.

In my 20 years in the acting business, I’ve worked alongside talent agents, casting directors and talent managers. I learned how agents and managers choose their clients, why casting directors choose the actors they audition and how an effective headshot influences these decisions.

During this time, I have personally had my own headshots taken by the top photographers in Los Angeles. We are talking thousands and thousands of photos shot by the most sought-after professionals in tinseltown. I studied them and their work. I learned what worked and what inspired me. That’s the business side of my love of taking headshots.

The other side is purely an artful and aesthetic place. Put simply... I love taking photographs and have done it for many years. Capturing the human form and soul excites me. For me, taking headshots is an art - the combination of my love of acting and my passion for photography. It truly makes me happy.

See photo shoot pricing in the Headshots FAQ.

Interested in setting up a shoot? Contact me.

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