"I wanted to let you know how incredibly grateful I am to you. I've booked 3 out of 4 auditions I've been on, all from what you taught me. On the last project I worked on, the director and entire crew wanted to know what school I went to for film acting. I was honored to say it was all from Lora Cunningham!"

~Lauren Keim, actress, The O’ Agency

"Your class has truly changed my life. Thank you for everything."

~Levi Dylan Martinez, actor, The O’ Agency

"Lora Cunningham is one of the top actors in New Mexico. I love casting her because I know she will always deliver on set. She is also a great coach. I highly recommend her classes."

~Jo Edna Boldin, CSA, Casting Director/Owner, 505 Studio Works

"She gives of herself and of her experience and through that I've discovered MY voice. My freedom. She does what we all are supposed to do; help each other reach our true selves ... reach our dreams."

~Tait Fletcher, actor and stuntman,
Mitchell & Presley Talent Group

"You always made me want to tell the truth. It's what I hold on to and everything I strive for."

~Kristen Rakes, actress, Mitchell & Presley Talent Group

"This is the best acting class I have ever seen in New Mexico."

~Kathy Brink, CSA, Casting Director, Kathy Brink Casting

"Thought I would share this with my AWESOME acting teacher:
The 48 Hour Film Project 2014 Winner, BEST ACTING (FEMALE), Kathy Randall"

~Kathy Randall, actress, Mitchell & Presley Talent Group

"I learned more in 3 classes with Lora than all of my other training combined."

~Nathan Brimmer, actor, A&M Talent House

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Welcome to the Albuquerque Actorsʼ Studio. The principles upon which we base our teachings are truth and authenticity~ to "just be."

To the newcomer, Albuquerque Actorsʼ Studio offers a comprehensive training course in which you can finally follow your dreams and take your first essential step to becoming an actor.

For the seasoned actor, this is a place in which to reignite your passion and deepen your work, to challenge yourself and stretch your limits, to stay sharp and be ready for your next opportunity.

Whatever your reason or stage may be, you are here. Welcome.

“The question is not who must I become in order to play this character. The question is who does this character become because I play it?” 

~Sir Laurence Olivier

“Love the art in yourself, not yourself in the art.” 

~ Constantin Stanislavsky